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Professional Mowing Services: Specializing in lots up to 16,000 sq ft. Our weekly mowing service will not only leave you with a great looking lawn but it is also cost effective and earth friendly.

How is our mowing services different? We use lightweight, 21-inch mulching mowers on all of our lawns to reduce tracking and ruts sometimes caused by larger, heavier mowers.

We do not bag or haul or away grass clippings. Our mowers have dual mulching blades so clippings are minimal. Mulched grass clippings return much needed nutrients back to your turf and soil reducing to amount of fertilizer needed. This process also reduces unneeded bags and waste going to landfills. This is not just one way our services are earth friendly.

When you choose Serene Scenes Lawn and Landscape LLC to maintain your lawn you get the same great experience time after time! Our team will routinely mulch mow your lawn, edge and weed eat all sidewalks and borders. Upon completion all clipping will be blown from concrete surfaces for a manicured look! We recommend weekly moving for the best results but have alternate programs to fit most lawns and budgets. Contact us today for a free estimate. Visit our pricing page to see how affordable our prices are!
Avg. Lot SizeProfessional Mowing Service
0-16 sq of lots
Corner/Cove Lot
Add $5
0-4,000 sq ft.$30 cut$40 cut
4,001-8,000 sq ft.
$35 cut$45 cut
8,001-12,000 sq ft.$40 cut$50 cut
12,001-16,000 sq ft.$45 cut$55 cut
Shrub Trimming Service - There is nothing like nicely shaped and trimmed shrubs to give your landscape beds a manicured look. Having your shrubs trimmed on a routine basis is not only good for your plants, it also minimizes debris that occurs while trimming overgrown shrubs. Routine trimming reduces unneeded debris going to landfills. Contact us today for a free estimate.
Shrub Trimming
$80 hr for 2 man crew / 2 hour Min. for 1x Services Sign Up and Save $ with our Annual Maintenance Plan. Shrub trimming is only offered to lawn mowing customers.
Mulch Installation - Nothing gives your landscape beds new life like fresh mulch installed in early spring. A good layer of mulch installed not only adds nutrients to the soil for your plants, it can also help fight against weed growth. Contact us today for a free estimate.
Mulch Installation
(Prices may vary pending job scale and materials)
* Normal Crew Rates Apply $80 hr for 2 men crew / 2hr min. Avg $115 - $130 per yard + Labor Final Estimate Based off of sq. footage and Labor Sign Up and Save $ with our Annual Maintenance Plan. Mulch installation is only offered to lawn mowing customers.
Seasonal Flower Installation - Nothing adds to your homes curb appeal like the fresh pop of color given by Seasonal Flowers installed by Serene Scenes! We typically plant seasonal flowers in early Spring and Fall. This services gives your landscape new life through the changing seasons. Contact us today for a free estimate.
Seasonal Flower Installation
Prices Starting at $40 per flat installed / 4 flat minimum price may vary pending flower availability and variety Sign Up and Save $ with our Annual Maintenance Plan. Flower installation is only offered to lawn mowing customers.
Leaf Cleanup - An Earth Friendly alternative to removal. Once the green grass has gone away, have our mowing team continue service on your lawn. Our process is simple and a lot less costly than leaf removal. I also benefits your landscape and the earth! As the leaves fall our team will mulch mow them approximately every 2 weeks during Nov. and Dec. and one final cleanup (If needed) in Jan. or Feb. The leaf particles breakdown into soil over winter amending the soil. Contact us today for a free estimate.
Leaf Cleanup
Prices varies pending amount of trees and volume of leaves. Avg. price per service is double normal mowing price Sign Up and Save $ with our Annual Maintenance Plan. Leaf clean up is only offered to lawn mowing customers.

Annual Maintenance Plan

The all in one plan for your landscape and your wallet. Sign up for our Annual Maintenance Plan and receive all of our services for one low monthly rate. This service will be performed at the right time. Just set it and forget it and move on to more important things.

This is what you get:
Weekly mowing during peak growth season (usually mid April - August) and bi weekly mowing Sept and Oct.

Shrub Trimming 3x per year. This is usually sufficient for most shrubs but some varieties may require more.

Mulch installation 1x per year. Typically installed between Mid Feb or March.

Seasonal Flowers 2x per year. With every Annual Maintenance Plan our team will plant a minimum of 4 flats (colors and variety may vary) of Seasonal Flowers per year. That's 2 flats in Spring and 2 flats in Fall. Some plants will receive more flats pending property size.

Leaf Cleanup: We'll visit your property up to 5x per year to perform our leaf mulching service. 2x in Nov, 2x in Dec and one final cleanup (If needed) in Jan or Feb. This keeps your property maintained during the Holiday season and into the New Year!
Annual Maintenance Plan/Prices may vary pending property size and type
Includes Mowing, Shrub Trimming, Mulch Installation, Seasonal Flower, Leaf Cleanup
Note: View description on service page
Zero Lot Small lot up to
8,000 sq ft.
Medium lot up to
12,000 sq ft.
Large lot up to
16,000 sq ft.
$90 mos / $1080 yr
12 month plan
$120 mos / $ 1440 yr
12 month plan
$170 mos / $ 2040 yr
12 month plan
$220 mos / $ 2640 yr
12 month plan
Note: The pricing guide is meant to give you an idea of normal rates. Prices may vary pending job scale, labor and materials needed. Please contact us for your free estimate today.