Lawn Mowing Service in Collierville, TN

The only thing better than coming home to fresh cut grass is not having to mow it yourself! Let Serene Scenes Lawn and Landscape be your "getaway from lawn care" this growing season.

At Serene Scenes, we know you take pride in your home. Having your lawn mowed weekly will maximize your home's curb appeal. We specialize in residential lawn mowing in Collierville, TN -- as well as Germantown, Cordova, and Arlington.

Don't forget to check out our other landscape maintenance services on our Services page to keep your property looking it's best all year long! Annual maintenance plans are also available.

Contact us today to begin your "getaway from lawn care!"
Mowing the grass -  Lawn Maintenance in Lakeland, TN
Avg. Lot SizeProfessional Mowing Service
0-16 sq of lots
Corner/Cove Lot
Add $5
0-4,000 sq ft.$30 cut$40 cut
4,001-8,000 sq ft.
$35 cut$45 cut
8,001-12,000 sq ft.$40 cut$50 cut
12,001-16,000 sq ft.$45 cut$55 cut
Note: The pricing guide is meant to give you an idea of normal rates. Prices may vary pending job scale, labor and materials needed. Please contact us for your free estimate today.