About Serene Scenes Lawn and Landscape LLC in Memphis, TN

We opened our doors to the residential and light commercial market in 2012 to create beautiful outdoor spaces for our clients and the community at large. We enjoy planting seeds and watching the results flourish. Whether you're searching for seasonal flowers to bring a splash of color to your landscape or in need of help with routine lawn maintenance, we're proud to be the contractor that you can count on.

Tailored Landscapes

When you'd like to reimagine your space and create an outdoor living room where you can relax in a tranquil environment, you can count on our talented staff to help with your landscape design project. We know the types of plants that will thrive in your yard, and we can add minor features and finishing touches that you'll be able to enjoy when you arrive home from a productive day at work.

Healthy Lawns and Gardens

We know how to care for all of the details of your property so that everything always looks its best. We can schedule routine mowing to foster a lush lawn, and you can let us help with aeration and fertilizers. Since we have an extensive network of other contractors that we routinely work with, we can suggest professionals should you need assistance with something outside of our scope.
With Serene Scenes Lawn and Landscapes, LLC, you'll have access to an experienced contractor who aims to deliver a high return on your investment. Whether you'd like us to care for your personal landscape or help with your property management tasks, we're always ready to explore your options. To see how we can create and maintain your beautiful outdoor space, call us anytime at 901-239-6711.
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